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How our mentors can help

We bring a different approach to career guidance by directly connecting you with college students, recent graduates and experienced professionals from various fields of education, so you can explore different careers and find what sparks your curiosity.

College Mentors:

Get to the college of your choice; you may ask:

  • How do I study so I can ace a college entrance exam?
  • How are the teachers at this college? What’s the college culture and social life like?
  • Is this course difficult? Will I struggle with the academic complexity?
  • What are the internship and job opportunities like at this college?

Graduate Mentors:

Give you a glimpse of your first job; you may ask:

  • What exactly will I be doing in my first job?
  • What skills, technical and non-technical, do I need to excel in a job?
  • What’s a typical work-day like? How are the people?
  • What can I do besides studying to get the best possible job after graduation?

Experienced Mentors:

Provide you with a broad career guidance; you may ask:

  • What job progression options lie ahead of me? Can I work internationally?
  • How’s the work-life balance in this career?
  • How do I make a switch to a better job? Is this the right time for an MBA/masters?
  • Where is this industry heading? Is it at risk from AI/automation?